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The Rhine River

Sometimes I forget that views like these are only a 20 minute bike-ride away.

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Getting better with the Drone

Starting to feel a bit more confident, and I'm able to explore further away, such as this farmer plowing his field a couple of fields away.

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Rainy days

Figures, heatwave for weeks, but as soon as I buy a drone, it's non-stop rain. Luckily it stopped for half an hour, so I could finally practice a bit.

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Added webmentions to my blog with the help of made by Aaron Parecki.

You can see an example here: Resize images from s3 with AWS Lambda and Rust.

I used to collect tweets that mention my article and have them send the data to, which exposes a JSON feed that I can use when building my blog. Pretty neat!

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Boundary Supply Prima system support

A couple of years ago I bought a Boundary Supply Prima system backpack which has been traveling with me to many countries.

Unfortunately the puller attachments came off one by one over the years, making the bag a bit tricky to open sometimes.

The bag was sold with a lifetime guarantee, time to put that to the test :)

After a quick chat with their support a few weeks ago, they sent me replacement puller attachments for free to the Netherlands, awesome!

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I've been playing around with lately, a S3-compatible API clone you can run on your NAS or own hardware, but can scale up to petabytes of data, if you have the money.

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Bought a drone

Shot with the DJI Mavic Mini

A DJI Mavic Mini, compact enough to take on hikes in my backpack.

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🎥 A Taxi Driver (Korean)

I've been enjoying Korean movies/drama's lately and this one I can recommend to anyone, it's one of those movies you'll think about for a few days after.

It has a 96% 🍅 fresh rating on Rotten tomatoes and features Song Kang-ho as the lead actor, who you might recognise from Parasite, Memories of Murder or Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (all great movies).

May, 1980. Man-seob is a taxi driver in Seoul who lives from hand to mouth, raising his young daughter alone. One day, he hears that there is a foreigner who will pay big money for a drive down to Gwangju city. Not knowing that he’s a German journalist with a hidden agenda, Man-seob takes the job.

The movie is based on events that happened during the 1980 Gwangju Uprising and besides a slightly condensed timeline follows the events that happened during that time faithfully. It's also a nice introduction to Korean history that happened after the Korean war, but before modern Korea.

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Awesome sites

Stumbled upon this website yesterday when looking for personal site inspiration, is an amazing collection of personal websites.

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This is written from iA Writer

Looks like I have a micropub endpoint now to update my blog!

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