Last week I spent a very relaxing week in Tarifa, Spain with a couple of friends. The week consisted of heading to the beach and BBQ-ing at our villa.

Tarifa is also know as kite-surfer's paradise, because there's usually a strong wind.

Tarifa consists of a relatively modern part with lots of hotels and apartments and old town, with small alleys. From the harbour you can take the ferry to Morocco.

Close to Tarifa lies Gibraltar, a large limestone ridge that is part of England. You need a passport to enter the city.

The main attraction in Gibraltar is the cable-cart to the top of the ridge, from where you have a great view. There's also a ton of monkeys.

After descending from the ridge, we took the car to the most northern edge of Gibraltar.

One of the things on most of our bucket lists was a deep-sea fishing trip, so we found a boat with a captain and spent the day on the ocean.