Almost all photo's on this site have been shot with the following three camera's, except for the early New York and Egypt trips, those where shot with a Nikon D50.

Nikon D90

With almost ten years on the clock this Nikon D90 is my oldest body, but it still produces great pictures. Mostly thanks to the Nikon 10-24 lens. I love shooting wide angle as it gives a dramatic viewpoint to a photo. The other lens is a Tamron 28-75 2.8 that used to be my main lens, but since I got the Sony RX100 as a walk around camera that covers the same range I prefer to use the RX100 instead of changing lenses.

On a month long holiday I usually only have to charge the D90 battery once or twice, it lasts ages and I don't have the need for multiple batteries. All lenses are covered by a B&W UV filter and for the Tamron 28-75 I have a circular polariser filter by B&W. I used to have a battery grip, but it was too bulky for my taste.

Sony A6000

The most recent addition is the Sony A6000. On holiday I ususally spend up to ten hours walking around cities or going on hikes and the weight of the D90 plus lenses started to annoy me as I like to carry the camera on a sling and not in a bag. (I found that keeping the camera in a bag cost me more then a few great photo oppertunities.).

The A6000 is a lightweight powerhouse, it has great image quality and has much better high ISO performance comparing to the D90. For now I still use the kitlens as it covers the range I shoot with most(16-55mm). The weight means I can carry it on my sling without problems or even just hold it in my hand for the entire day. The superfast and accurate focus and shooting with 11fps means I have a much better chance to capture unexpected events.

Sony RX100 Mark1

My second camera that I bought a few years after the D90 trying to solve the same issue as the A6000, reducing weight of my gear when walking around cities, is a Sony RX100. It produces great images and I love that I can carry it in my pocket. I was missing the wide-angle focal range and a proper (electronic) viewfinder, hence the A6000 purchase. I still carry this camera with me every day though as it last months on a battery charge and it produces much better pictures then a phone camera.


I carry the camera(s) in my backpack which is a Helikon Ratel 25L military pack. I use it because it's cheap, super strong and has loads of storage space. Sometimes I take a camera insert with me if I only take the A6000. Since all camera's can be charged by USB I take a Xiaomi 10000mAh battery with me just in case I need to charge a camera.

I use a MFH int. comp. military gun sling as my camera sling. They are super cheap (11 euro's for a sling) and last a lot longer then the more expensive camera slings. The D90 and A6000 have a O-ring screwed in the tripod mount.

Because I like to travel light I only carry a small Manfroto mini-tripod. It barely holds the D90, but that's good enough as most night shots are made with the RX100 or A6000.


Lightroom holds my complete photo library. Over the years I've continued to adapt my custom presets, meaning I can post-process all my photos with just a single preset that covers most scenario's. Every once in a while I take a panorma photo that I merge in Photoshop, otherwise all editing is done in Lightroom.


Using the 3-2-1 rule I have 3 backups on 2 mediums and 1 in a remote location. I use Backblaze B2 for my off-site backups. The other backups are on 1 Terabyte external hard drives.